Map view of stored video


See up to one petabyte per node of stored video presented as tracks on a satellite view or map of your choice.  Instantly see all available video specific to your point of interest.  

Preview areas of interest


Moving your mouse along any path pulls thumbnails from the video allowing you to quickly identify relevant video

Play from any point


Double clicking anywhere along the route opens a split screen player running video on one while the map view shows the location and look-off angle of the camera

Field of Regard view


Zooming in on a flight track presents the option to view the actual video field of regard in addition to UAV track.  One look can tell you if the area you're interested in is included in the video saving critical time scrolling through files that don't contain relevant imagery

Storage by SoftIron


SoftIron’s HyperDrive Storage Node is a custom-designed, 100% sourced and built in the USA, dedicated Ceph appliance, purpose-built for software-defined storage.   The result is a high-performing, scale-out storage solution that runs at wire-speed, yet at less than 100W per 1U appliance.

Intelligence by Survae


Survae provides powerful geospatial search capabilities to find events, places, and objects from multiple viewpoints — filterable by date, time and viewpoint, using Esri or Google maps and public or private data.